Friday, August 24, 2007

AGLOCO-Make Money Surfing the Internet

Do want to earn money doing what you do anyway, searching the internet? Well, one excellent opportunity is AGLOCO. I am now promoting it to you because I like the idea and I want you to share in what I think will be an exciting new Internet concept.
AGLOCO’s story is simple:
You are valuable to advertisers, search providers and online retailers whopay billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE!
AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action, and works to get its members their share of this and more.
AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!
AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are paying members their fair share, and they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube made. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.
There’s no catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information.
So do yourself a favor: Sign up for AGLOCO right now! You can use this link to sign up and help to build AGLOCO.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Directory of Blog Directories

I have yet to become an expert on this cyberspace blogging stuff. Getting people to your blog obviously is very important. Every piece of advice I have read tell you that getting your blog on blog directories is very important. The more directories you’re listed in increases your potential audience. That makes perfect sense to me.
A Directory of Blog Directories would be helpful. One place where you can find an exhaustive list of blog directories. Well, for everyone looking for such a directory, you can find it at Currently, the Directory of Blog Directories as has over 200 blog directories listed (224 at this writing). More are being added all the time. And, if you suggest a blog directory not already listed, you will be rewarded with 1,000 free advertising impressions, increasing exposure for your blog.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogsvertise-Get Paid to Blog

Every blogger wants the world to know his/her opinion about this or that. Perhaps you just have information you want to share, a new idea you believe helpful, or you just cannot contain the electrical impulses which make your brain work.
While you're making a sincere attempt to improve the universe it doesn't hurt to make a buck or two. As quiet as it's kept, that's why some blogger get started. Make money blogging. Wink, wink.
To that end, Blogsvertise is one option that provide bloggers with money making opportunities. Blogsvertise assigns jobs to bloggers to post about an advertiser's website. You're not pressured to only say good things about the advertiser. You can post a standard review or you can talk about the site in the context of your everyday life. Once the post is approved, you get paid directly into your PayPal account. What could be easier.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Smorty-Make Money Blogging

The internet provides innumerable opportunities to make money. But, like anything else, you have to get the word out. That means you have to advertise. Anyone having a service or product needs to advertise. Advertising as a rule is not cheap. But, having the opportunity to advertise on blogs expands the advertiser’s exposure exponentially. Blog advertising gives the advertiser a unique opportunity to radically increase the number of links to their websites, which in turn significantly improves page ranking in search engines such as Google. Smorty gives advertisers that opportunity by connecting the advertiser with the blogger.
Bloggers are a diverse bunch of folk. Many bloggers started a blog to get their thoughts out. They had something to say, and a weblog is the perfect place to express your opinion. It gets the word out to as many people who can click on a web address. Other bloggers wanted to earn some money. Then we have the group who want both to earn some money and get your opinions out into cyberspace, that is, they want to get paid to blog.
Smorty provides bloggers with the opportunity to earn money expressing opinions about various services and products. Smorty connects advertisers with bloggers, providing companies the opportunity for blog advertising. Advertising on blogs serves both the business and blogger communities. And, at the same time the blogger gets the opportunity to blog for money.
Any blogger looking to make money blogging needs to try Smorty. And, don’t forget to look at the affiliate program.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Making Money-a Review

Earn Free Money On Line
This blog covers just about everything related to earning money on line, affiliate marketing, surveys that pay, pay to read sites, and freelance opportunities. The blog also gives advice on sites the pay you to write and post articles.
It is not an exaggeration say that this site covers everything you can do free online to earn money. It was on this site that I first learned that you can make money driving. That is, you can be paid to have companies place their ads on your personal car, or some companies will give you a car with ads to drive. The author has done the homework. The blog give you the names of the various companies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the links to each company, and the amounts each company pays. Very thorough to say the least.
Whether you’re looking for tips on how to get started earning money on line or needing to get specific information on a money site, or sites that pay you to blog, Free Money Online is an indispensable resource that you need to check.